Thank You

About a year ago, I published my first post on this site. I was embarking on a new adventure into an educational unknown. The past year has been full of surprises, and I gained more than I could have imagined. Not only was I able to fulfill my educational requirements, I learned real-world skills that enhanced my daily life. I learned how to use chemistry in cooking, sell a water bottle door-to-door and take rejection well, handle basic business finances, and much more.

I had the privilege to paraglide internationally with great people, and see parts of the world that I never knew existed. From the dry ridges and dunes of Iquique to the lush mountainsides of Colombia, paragliding opened doors into places that seemed like different worlds.

It was not perfect, though. Working alone can be, well, lonely. I tried my hardest to build a community around me, but something was still missing. I longed for a group of excellent people I could work alongside. I was gaining real-world skills and experienced many adventures, but I was missing out on a community in my daily life.

I found that community at Acton Academy, and I am returning there for the rest of my time in high school. I am grateful for the chance to try something new, but it is time for me to settle into a community where I can work alongside excellent peers.

I appreciate you reading this blog. It means a lot that you took time out of your busy day for my posts, and I hope this has helped you on your journey. I will end on my greatest lesson from the past year: seize the opportunity to set out on a great adventure, even if it means venturing into the unknown. My experiences over the past year changed my life, and I am glad I decided to try this experiment in education. It is scary, tough, and sometimes lonely, but it is worth it.

Thank you for reading, and good luck on your next adventure.

2 Replies to “Thank You”

  1. Charles Michael, Being a grandfather is a privileged, heightened by the joy and perspicacity you display in such places like your blog that I my witness the reality. Thank you for doing this creative product. PapaMike.

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