A Better Way to Write an Essay

For most of us, writing an essay is just a form of expression. You have an opinion on a topic, and you express that opinion through writing. Many of us write our essays for someone else, whether it be an audience or a teacher.

But there is a different, better way to approach an essay. Instead of writing an essay as an outward expression, the purpose should be, according to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, to clarify your own ideas.

If you finish an essay without changing or clarifying your original viewpoint, you’re missing an opportunity. Writing should be used to hash out your true beliefs, almost like having a deep discussion with yourself.

This had never occurred to me until I was exposed to Dr. Peterson’s method. I started approaching essays differently. Recently, I finished writing my first essay using his method, and I realized how valuable it was.

Through writing, I found new viewpoints that had never occurred to me. In fact, my entire opinion changed because I approached my essay differently. If I had only written an expression of my set ideas, I would have missed the opportunity to discover new ones.

This method of writing is not just for essays. Whether it be journaling, blogging, or something else, write not only to reach others, but also to hash out the ideas you are expressing. Not only will your writing improve, but you will hone your beliefs and sharpen your views.

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