How to Surround Yourself with Uplifting People

In my last blog, I touched on the importance of surrounding yourself with people who provide a positive influence. It can be crucial to developing healthy habits and character. When you don’t spend your time with the right people, you can slip into sloppiness, unintentionally, and mediocrity.

The most complicated part of not spending time in a physical school is finding uplifting people to spend time around. I have found three ways to surround yourself with friends and peers who help lift you to become your best self.

  1. Draw from several separate groups. I have found close friends from many different circles, whether it is my youth group at church, my old schools, or a Bible study. The best way to find friends and interesting people is to become involved in several diverse groups.
  2. Cut out toxic friends. Do you remember a time when you were involved with someone who was toxic? Did they manipulate you, take advantage of your friendship, or involve you in a situation that had a negative impact on your life? It is important to recognize toxic people and cut them out.
  3. Don’t lose touch with old friends. I was given the advice to make time for old friends who you may no longer see on a daily basis. Even if it is just a quick lunch, it is important to not lose the bonds with people who you consider close.

The people around you shape who you become, and finding the right friends is crucial to your development as a person. Being surrounded with positive influences has made me feel more connected and it has developed my kindness, compassion, and patience. It might be difficult to find the right people, but once you do, your life will become exponentially better.

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