Maui, Hawaii [Paragliding]

We traveled to Maui to paraglide, and we brought the rest of the family along to enjoy the picturesque scenery and adventures the island had to offer.

Paragliding, unfortunately, is a weather-dependent sport, and we were soon faced with the harsh reality that our paragliding trip wasn’t going to consist of much paragliding.

It was disappointing, but not crushing, because Maui was full of activities to substitute for paragliding.

From the monstrous waves crashing on the beaches to the lush forests clinging to the side of the volcano, every inch of the island is like a postcard.

Although we didn’t do as much flying as we would have liked, our trip wasn’t a failure. We found substitutes and other adventures to make memories that will last a lifetime.

I learned an important lesson from this trip, one that applies to life in general as well.

Life throws curve balls. Not everything will go your way.

Sitting in the hotel room being disappointed won’t solve anything. Acting like a victim only makes the problem worse.

There are other adventures out there. They might not be exactly what you were expecting, but in life, that’s usually the best you can hope for.

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