The Children’s Business Fair: Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Spirit [Disruptive Education]

The Children’s Business Fair was a concept created around our kitchen table. The idea was to create a place where children could sell a unique product. It’s like a farmer’s market for kids.

Although it’s a simple concept, the Children’s Business Fair changed my life in a profound way. Through my years at the fair, I unlocked a spirit of entrepreneurship that is the center of my education today.

I’m not the only one who has had a life-changing experience at the Children’s Business Fair. Many other children have had similar experiences, including Mikaila.

Mikaila attended her first Children’s Business Fair when she was only four. She wore a puffy bumblebee costume and pitched her product to anyone who passed by.

Declining bee populations were a problem that struck close to Mikaila’s heart, so she decided to do something about it.

She used her great-grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade recipe, adding honey to sweeten it, and sold it at the Children’s Business Fair. She donated some of the profits to organizations that helped save the bees.

Customers loved the lemonade and Mikaila returned to the fair year after year. Over time, she learned some of the same important lessons that I did.

She learned…

  1. How to talk to customers and sell a product.
  2. Basic economics, like profit, revenue, and investment.
  3. How to be independent.

Most importantly, Mikaila unlocked an entrepreneurial spirit that allowed her to solve the problem that was close to her heart while serving others with a unique product.

Over the past several years, Mikaila has appeared on the popular TV show Shark Tank and got a deal.

Today, Mikaila’s award-winning lemonade, Me & the Bees, is sold at various establishments nationwide, including Whole Foods. She is a successful entrepreneur at age twelve.

This Saturday, the annual Children’s Business Fair is being held, and Mikaila will be back in her booth selling lemonade.

The Children’s Business Fair is special because it allows kids like Mikaila to find something they are passionate about and pursue it. Because children are pursuing a passion or solving a problem, they enjoy it. They commit themselves to their business and because of this, they gain skills and experiences that will stay with them forever.

I have seen this first hand and experienced it myself. Because of this, I’m trying to recreate the Children’s Business Fair experience day after day, week after week.

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