“We’re Talking About Practice”

While he was playing pro basketball, Allen Iverson was one of the biggest personalities on and off of the court. An example of this is his legendary rant on practice.

Iverson gave a lengthy response to a reporter’s question about his practicing habits. The most infamous quote of the press conference, though, was, “We’re talking about practice, man!”

Iverson claimed that although he might not have the best practicing habits (he was accused of skipping practice,) he gave everything during games. The season of that press conference, the 76ers barely broke the .500 mark and were eliminated in the first round.

There is something else that separates Iverson from some of the other greats: he never won a championship.

Iverson will still go down in history as an all-time great, but could there be another banner hanging in Philadelphia if Iverson were more committed to practice?

Last weekend, we visited Colorado hoping to paraglide over the beautiful fall leaves. The weather ended up not being in our favor. I was disappointed that we couldn’t fly, but realized it was a valuable opportunity to practice ground handling.

Practicing simple skills was valuable, especially considering I had become rusty. It reminded me that practice really does make perfect.

To become a master in any field, you must utilize deliberate practice. Even simple habits can contribute to mastery, especially if you commit to them everyday. For example, I have committed to practicing Spanish for 20 minutes daily. I have seen a vast improvement compared to using programs where I didn’t commit to a daily plan.

Champions and masters become world-class by practicing harder than everyone else.

Practice is the path to excellence.

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